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Wholesale Butchers

Our unrivalled expertise and range ensure your requirements are matched perfectly. We take time to fully understand our customers’ needs and we have created a wholesale butchers business which can cater perfectly for a diverse scope of preferences.

Since our foundation in 1963 we have established a strong presence in the wholesale meat market, forming a number of working relationships in London and across the country. Our clients – ranging from butchers to restaurants – have an array of different specifications but our unique attributes allow us to surpass their high expectations.

We work closely with our clients to identify their exact requirements. Our team then begins to carefully source the perfect product with our state of the art butchery facilities allowing for any final tweaks to be made. Once your bespoke item has been taste tested and finalised we take advantage of our extensive delivery network to ensure your unique order of wholesale meat arrives completely fresh at a time convenient to you.

Incredible value is also guaranteed. We are a wholesale butchers based in London, that have built up exclusive and direct links with our producers. This allows us to remain extremely competitive and we avoid passing on any unnecessary charges imposed by end of chain retailers.

Restaurant Meat Suppliers

For those specifically within the hospitality industry, if you are searching for gourmet produce to serve up five star dishes to your diners, then look no further. We provide the most exquisite meats available on the market, sourced from across the globe from the very best producers. As experienced restaurant meat suppliers, we know exactly what our clients require, particularly when it comes to fine dining. From high grade Wagyu to impressive cuts of USDA beef, all your gourmet produce needs are met with Tom Hixson's wholesale service. 

Wholesale Halal Meat

At Tom Hixson of Smithfield we are also purveyors of quality halal meats, offering a range of cuts and varieties to suit our customers' needs. As wholesale halal meat suppliers based in London, we are able to provide top quality produce that is 100% halal with full traceability and certification available upon request. All of our halal cuts are hand picked and sourced from only highly reputable suppliers, allowing us to provide the finest selection of halal produce for our clients. For further details on our wholesale halal meat service, take a look at our information page here. Or alternatively, browse the extensive array of halal meats that we have to offer. 

Over our 40 year history, we have developed the attributes and expertise to ensure the highest standard in quality and service.

Please call 020 7248 3569 or email wholesale@tomhixson.co.uk if you have any wholesale meat enquiries.