pork collar
pork collar

Iberico Pork Collar

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The pork collar comes from the neck of the animal and is a versatile cut. The marbling ensures the meat remains succulent when cooked and the fat content renders out to create an incredible depth of flavour. Our pork collar is sourced from the Iberico breed, this helps to elevate these attributes within the pork collar even further. This is the most desired pork in the world. Roaming the plains of Toledo in Spain, our pigs fed on the acorns of the region. This results in the pork collar delivering a nutty taste and woody aroma. This product is frozen. It could begin to thaw out during delivery process. Therefore we do not advise refreezing the pork collar once you receive it.

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The Pork collar is slightly fatty, having a marbled effect, meaning that when cooking, it doesn’t dry out easily, making it a great cut of meat for slow cooking and roasting.