Wagyu Brisket

Our Wagyu brisket is a range we are truly proud of here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Our hand-selected Wagyu brisket features some of the finest marbling we’ve ever seen, adding flavour and succulent textures to every bite. We supply only highly graded Wagyu brisket, allowing you to purchase only truly sensational cuts for your culinary needs. For further options, browse our wagyu picanha, wagyu tomahawk and wagyu fillet and try our extensive selection of quality beef.
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Tom Hixson Wagyu Brisket

Tom Hixson Wagyu Brisket

A Wagyu / Shorthorn cross, which has been reared stress-free on the open, grassy pastures of Ireland. Shorthorn are renowned themselves for producing marbled beef, so when crossed with Wagyu the results are sublime. Their diet is supplemented with chocolate, which adds a touch of sweetness to the bite.

Australian Wagyu Brisket

Australian Wagyu Brisket

A favourite amongst bbqers, this cut produces incredible texture and flavours.

The Oakey Gold Promise
Traceability from paddock to plate.
Exclusively Australian, natural marbling and mouth-watering flavour.
Wagyu grade 3 to 5.

From £250.00
Kobe Japanese Wagyu Brisket A5 BMS 9

Kobe Japanese Wagyu Brisket A5 BMS 9

Prefecture: HYOGO. Japanese Grade: A5. Beef Marble Score: 9